Courses web part: The link of the "Add New Course" button is incorrect


Test scenario:
  1. Add the Courses web part on a MOSS site.
  2. Login to MOSS as a teacher.
  3. Click the "Add New Course" link at the bottom of the Courses web part.
  4. The link takes you to the Moodle system, where the following error is displayed:
    Either course id or category must be specified.
    (Please refer to the attached screenshot.)
    Test environemnt:
    Moodle 1.8
    MIS 1.5
    Further Notes:
    Checking around the code, I have found out that:
  5. You cannot access the course/edit.php page without passing the course id or category id parameters.
  6. This is the reason why this error message is displayed.
  7. To fix this issue, the "Add New Course" link should point to course/index.php instead of course/edit.php. This fix can be done in the "Courses.cs" class file
    I wanted to perform this fix and contribute it to the project, but after I have built the Web Parts project, I didn't know how to deploy the courses web part for testing?

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